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I remember the first time that I was preparing to make Christmas dinner for my immediate and extended family. It took everything that I had to contain my excitement as I was prepared to bake everything. Cooking from scratch was the only requirement I had for myself. Until I realized how difficult that was going to be because my little mixer could not keep up with the demand. I soon saw the need for a large stand mixer but I was not sure where to start. Before you find yourself in a situation like this you should keep the following tips in mind. They could make it a lot easier for you to find the best stand mixer.

Before You Make a Purchase – What to Know

1. Baking history and needs – When you are looking for a stand mixer it is going to be very appropriate for you to think about how often you bake no and just how much you are planning to in the future. Thinking about this is certainly going to help you determine what size stand mixer you are going to need.
2. How much room do you have – Most individuals that have stand mixers will tell you that these are not small appliances. Therefore, it is often best to have a mixer that is going to fit underneath of your cabinets, on your countertop, so that it will always be out of the way when you are not using it. Consider measuring the space between the countertop and the bottom of your cabinets in order to verify that the stand mixer will fit there without any problems.
3. Colors – Consider the correct stand mixer color. There are a lot of individuals that are really impressed with all of the colors that are available when they start searching for a new mixer. While you may have a favorite color that you would like to purchase, it is always going to be best for you to stop and consider the color that will match your kitchen. As previously mentioned, most stand mixers are going to remain out on your counter top. Because of this, you always want to make sure that you are selecting a color that will look good when it is out. Here is the best red and pink stand mixers. More features to consider.

Here’s a quick run down of our best stand mixers with a brief review and where to get the best deal.

Standard Tabletop Stand Mixers: KitchenAid K45SSWH Classic Stand Mixer

Experiment with your culinary skills as first time baker with a standard sized mixer that will get the job done in no time. No special features and accessories with no use to you, this sized mixer is ideal for small to medium sized families with occasional baking.

KitchenAid-K45SSWH-Classic-Stand-MixerA handy accessory when venturing away from manly cooking methods in baking delectable goodies such as home baked bread, rusks, cakes etc. With 10-speed mixing, tilt-up head and 4-1/2 quart bowl, it is an all-metal sturdy construction. You will not find it moving around on your counter as with many other mixers who simply seem to be to light to hold its own. Add the required ingredients, set it on the desired setting, and carry on preparing baking trays while it mixes safely. With a stainless wire whip, nylon-coated flat beater and dough hook there is very little you would not achieve. The powerful 275-watt motor easily mixes 8 cups of flour. As with all products, their have to be cons and in this case, the absence of a handle on the bowl brings in the negative aspect.

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Professional Stand Mixers: KitchenAid Professional 6-Quart Mixer

You do not need to be a professional baker to bake like one in your own kitchen. With a professional Stand Mixer, you can do everything conveniently, as it is done in commercial bakeries and kitchens.

KitchenAid-Professional-6-Quart-MixerWith a weight of 25 lbs., you might think it is too heavy to handle, however you know the feeling when the mixer runs around on the counter and you actually have to hold it. Never with this 6 quart, 14-cup flour capacity, polished stainless steel bowl with attached bowl handle. The bowl tapers down narrower for better mixing with a wide easy-pour top. Three attachments; Stainless Steel Wire whip, white coated dough hook and a white coated beater to make mixing of any kind a breeze. A powerful one horsepower motor and 10-speed control in combination with 67 point planetary mixing, it utilizes metal gears as oppose to plastic gears such as most competitors use. As a professional mixer, it receives rave reviews from over a thousand customers on Amazon alone; however, some do complain that the gears gave problems until KitchenAid replaced the older gears with upgraded metal gears as they advertise.

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Mixer with Multiple Accessories: KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quarts

Experienced chefs, cooks and homemakers appreciate testing their skills with various attachments in proving their worth in the kitchen by making sausages, bread, home made pastas and more with a single machine.

Kitchenaid-5-qt-Artisan-Stand-Mixer-PinkThe Artisan series from KitchenAid with its 5-quart capacity, 10 speed gears, 325-watt motor, and stainless steel bowl with a handle stands out as one of the best. Also including a wire whip, dough hook and beater the unique bowl locks itself to the base of the stand. The bowl with attached handle for easier use also has a pouring shield with chute for comfortable pouring of mixed ingredients transferred to other dishes or bowls. This is one of the handfuls of mixers of its quality with optional attachments from pasta makers and sausage stuffers, citrus juicer to food grinders and more to make your kitchen experience superior. We have to include something negative about this superior product, lets focus on the worst, it is quite noisy is the most prominent complaint.

KitchenAid makes a lot of different models of their mixers, each with slightly different options. Here is helpful and detailed video gives you a fair assessment between the three of the most popular models; The KitchenAid Pro, Artisan and the Classic.

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Quick-Burst Interchangeable Mixers: Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic

Interchangeable mixers allow you to decide which tool you need at what setting. A quick mixing of dressing, use the hand mixer with quick-burst action, kneading bread dough use it on slow setting as stand mixer.

Hamilton-Beach-6-Speed-ClassicThe Hamilton Beach six-speed (full review) has a 4-quart stainless steel bowl, quick burst button and six speed settings. The greatest benefit is the fact that it doubles as hand mixer or alternatively uses the shift and stir bowl. With 290-watts, the mixer weighs eight pounds and accompanied by three attachments, dough hooks, whisk, and traditional beaters. Customers do complain that it is slightly lightweight and taking a walk on the counter if they beat only eggs or light ingredients for example.

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Combination Cheap Stand Mixers: Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer Combo

The convenience of easy swapping from stand to hand is something most women appreciate. Stand mixers are convenient in its own right, but mixing something quickly in a smaller bowl does not require a full stand mixer on a kitchen counter. Combination mixers therefor always take priority with no hassle of putting the handheld way as it rests back on its original spot to be a conventional stand mixer.
Sunbeam-Hand-and-Stand-Mixer-ComboWith a three-quart stainless steel bowl, this mixer is ideal for smaller families and fewer ingredients, which is one of the cheap stand mixers in out list. Functioning both as a stand mixer and as a hand held this dual function mixer with 250-watt motor features five speed settings. Synchronized three-way mixing with free spinning mixing bowl, which rotates automatically when used on any setting when used as a stand mixer. Using it as hand mixer simply tilt back the cradle and press the hand-release button and replace it easily again by resting it on the cradle and pressing the handle back into place. The gently curved, large handle makes for a comfortable grip during hand-held use eliminating fatigue during prolonged tasks. Attachment eject button quickly removes attachments which includes dough hooks and chrome beaters. Looking at the price, which is relatively low for what you get, you cannot expect the mixer to mix great batches of bread dough at a time. Users complaining that the motor burned out with heavy use on a daily basis should only look at the product description and the motor size. See our full review here.

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More Features to Consider?

  • Speed- Of course you are going to want to have low, medium and high speeds. But, depending on what you will be making it will be a great idea to ensure that you have a few other speeds as well. In fact, if you want to make meringues or you need to mix up something that will be very thick you should always have a stand mixer that will have added high speeds. This will ensure that you can make anything and everything on your list.
  • Size- Always consider the size of the stand mixer that you are thinking about purchasing. You need to make sure that you are going to have somewhere to store it when it is not in use. Most people will tell you that you want the mixer to be able to fix under the countertop so that it will be out of the way when you are not using it. Always think about your home and your particular situation.
  • Motor- Spend some time doing research related to the stand mixer that you have in mind. This is very important as you will see that not all mixers will have enough power to carry out the tasks that you have in mind. Many times you will find that it is best to use the mixer first to see if it has the power you want. However, you may not have the ability to do this. Therefore, you will want to read the reviews that others have left. This will help you make an informed decision.
  • Attachments- Yes, you will be receiving attachments with any stand mixer that you buy. But, you want to know what attachments are going to come with the mixer before you select it. It is important to know that single beaters are often best when it comes to a stand mixer. Those individuals that bake all of the time can tell you that a bread hook or wire whip will be very helpful. The size bowl that will be included with your purchase is also important for you to consider. A rule of thumb is that you should always find a stand mixer that will include a bowl that holds at least four quarts. Here is our best stand mixer with multiple accessories.
  • Warranties- It has hard to say when you will end up with a stand mixer that simply does not hold up. This can be a real problem when you consider just how much these can cost. Therefore, you will want to consider selecting a stand mixer that will have a great warranty included with it. It is always best to look into the warranty before you make any final selections.

Many people think that they will be able to simply go out and purchase a stand mixer

While you can do this you may not be happy with the end result. The mixer may not be able to do everything that you want it to. If you know that you will be increasing the amount of baking you are doing, and you do not currently have a stand mixer, now may be the best time to get one. As long as you take some time to consider all of the key features, and points, that have been discussed here you will be sure to get the best possible stand mixer for your needs. As you start your search for a stand mixer you are going to see that they are very expensive. That is why you have to spend some time planning your purchase. You never want to be stuck in the kitchen without a stand mixer but you do not want to waste your money on something either.

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